Residential e commercial Window tinting in Miami

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Residential Door and Window Tinting installation
"Specialized in residential and commercial Door and Window Tinting installation."
Commercial Window Tinting Installation
"Quality and agility in service execution"
Residential Window Tinting
The best choice in Residential Film installation


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Tint Doctor window Film is committed to the satisfaction of its customers. and the quality of its products on the market, with professionals qualified in all sectors of the company and with a varied stock of tools and films for all lines: Commercial, Security and Decorative.

Residential window Tinting

Solar Window Tinting

Anti UV Film tinting

Commercial window Tinting

Door Tinting Installation

Security window tinting

Decorative Window Tinting

Sliding Glass Door Tint

window ceramic tint installation

Window Tinting Film

The window films you are looking for are here at Tint Doctor Window Film. We are among the most respected companies in the segment, working every day with dedication and professionalism, aiming to deliver only qualified products and services. So, feel free, choose our window films and make sure we are your right choice.

Window films can be used for a variety of purposes, such as noise reduction and UV filtering, combining fair prices and affordable prices. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the area, placing us as the company most prepared to offer only Window Film in the Miami region with differentiated quality and attractive price.

We have a wide and modern structure, which gives us all the conditions to offer only modern and above average quality films. Our team of specialized professionals will give you all the support and assistance you need, ensuring a pleasant and satisfying experience when purchasing Films near you. Tint Doctor is the best choice for installing films in the Miami Region.

We offer many types of window films, now know some of the options that are at your disposal: Security film, Privacy film, Solar Control Film,  Colored film, Architectural film, Smoked film and Decorative Film.

Residential Window e Door Tinting Film

If you are looking for a company that works with Residential films, count on Tint Doctor Peliculas and window tint. We will be delighted to serve you and offer the most qualified services. We have an excellent infrastructure and the best professionals in the segment. Browse our website and discover other applications for films because here you will find the best in Residential film.
sliding glass door tinting

Commercial Window e Door Tinting Film

The Commercial Film for solar control or decoration you find here at Tint Doctor products with above-average quality, in order to fully meet all the needs and demands of customers effectively. The Commercial Film has the most refined touch, making the whole place more beautiful and pleasant, combining great functionality at affordable and fair prices.
Commercial window tinting in miami

The Residential Films line is a differentiating element for any project – both in beauty and quality.

Result of constant research and technological development applied in the production of security and solar control films, the Architectural Films have fundamental characteristics for the perfect air conditioning of environments, with significant gains in economy, privacy and comfort.

And more: it has a wide variety of colors and models, ideal for composing the most different effects and spaces, guaranteeing refinement and distinction without forgetting efficiency.

With Residential Films you get:
More protection against UVA Rays solar radiation conducts ultraviolet rays. responsible for the fading of furniture, showcases, pictures, panels, upholstery, etc. They can also cause important damage to people, such as premature aging and skin cancer. Security and Solar Control Films block up to 99% of the incidence of UV rays, preserving the environment and increasing the durability of its components.

Greater heat reductionSolar control films reduce the incidence of solar energy by up to 79%. In practice, this makes the internal environment of homes and businesses much more pleasant, offering more comfort for people.

Greater control of luminosityThe direct incidence of sunlight can cause tiredness, damage to vision and loss of concentration. Security and Solar Control Films reduce light transmission, making the environment more pleasant and productive.

More savingsSolar Control and Security Films keep the room temperature pleasant for longer, reducing the use of air conditioning and saving energy.

More privacy and security With Security and Solar Control Films you define the privacy level of your environment, choosing reflective and translucent colors according to your need. They also make the glass resistant, preventing shattering and preventing damage and accidents.

More value added to your propertyThe benefits of economy, comfort and beauty of films form a qualitative differential for any project.

"Specialized in residential and commercial Door and Window Tinting installation.

Quality and agility in service execution"

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